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Circa has acquired a facility on the West Coast of the U.S. in Rainier, Oregon.  The facility has recently been built and will be used for CBD extraction and  the production of a variety of edibles. This facility will be operational April 2019.

Currently, the facility has 6 Bhogart Industrial Extraction units and an industrial grade Evaporator unit already installed and ready for production for isolate production. The facility is readily available for use in the manufacturing of CBD extraction, with an estimated production rate of 250,000 grams of CBD distillate on a daily basis.

With over 3 million worth of equipment and machinery this facility has capacity of producing tens of millions of unique CBD infused products per year varying
from throat lozenges, supplemental daily vitamins, candies and baked goods. Our retail partners will tell us what products are in demand and this facility will be able to manufacture them.

Th facility will include a bottling line for the production of CBD oils, vapes and other products.

The capacity will be 3,000 bottles per hour. We will make our own Circa products and also private label for other companies.