November 7, 2019, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Circa Life Sciences Inc.  is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Divy Patel as Chief Medical officer.

Dr Patel has a diverse career working in Pediatrics & Infectious Diseases and Internal medicine. He is both UK and Canada registered as a Physician. He has previously worked in diverse areas of medicine including South Africa, England and Australia. He has served as an independent advisor to Pfizer and Valneuva. He regularly attends advisory board meetings for new product developments in travel medicine. He has a keen interest in telemedicine, EMR access for patient records and is currently working on virtual care clinics.

Dr Patel will be leading and managing Circa’s Science Team is to promote the rapid expansion of CBD based products in the health field. The team will be developing a platform to reduce addictive urges such as; opiate abuse and dependence.

“My objective with Circa Life Sciences is to promote the rapid expansion of CBD based products in the health field” says Dr Patel. “I see Circa as the perfect incubator all CBD related compounds, cosmeceuticals and applications for novel therapies. I welcome the opportunity to solidify my role as medical director for Circa Life Sciences. It is a great environment to work in, and having a team of directors which bring such diversity, and fosters a cohesive environment in which to grow. “

“With our Company’s focus on commercializing and expanding its science and technology, Dr Patel fills a critical role in furthering our corporate and scientific objectives and we are extremely pleased to have someone of his caliber join our team.” says Jazz Samra – founder and president of Circa Life Sciences Inc.  “Dr Patel has a proven track record of clinical development and he will play an instrumental role in Circa”.

About Circa Life Sciences

Circa Life Science Inc is a Canadian based company focused on cover all aspects of the cbd industry, including cultivation, processing, manufacturing, extraction and research and development. Circa will be developing and commercializing top quality medically – validated products, oils and promoting breakthrough research for the newly created CBD Industry in many countries around the world. Our vision is to become a global leader in providing safe and effective cannabinoid products. From product and process innovation to market execution and everything in between, we are driven by a passion for leadership, a commitment to drive the industry forward.

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